Despicable me: Minion Rush is an '12guns.vndless runner' in three dim12guns.vnsions in the style of Temple Run where the players will have to control the famous minions of the movie Despicable Me.The objective of the game, as happ12guns.vns always in this g12guns.vnre, will be to try lớn get as far as possible while you collect as many bananas as you can during your run.

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With these bananas, once you've finished the race, you can buy differ12guns.vnt elem12guns.vnts that will unlock new appearances for the minions.Another part that's quite 12guns.vntertaining from Despicable Me: Minion Rush is the personalization of the minions. You can give them all types of disguises và accessories to make them look as funny as in the movies...

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Or more.Apart from the normal trò chơi mode, Despicable Me: Minion Rush includes various bonus modes where you can control the Mega Minion and use Gru's rocket.Despicable me: Minion Rush is a very 12guns.vntertaining game with a spectacular graphic part that although it may appear differ12guns.vnt, will be liked by both and adults. Fun in abundance with a formula that fits the minions like a glove.

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