Five Nights at Freddy"s is a first-person horror game in which players take a job at Freddy"s famous family pizzeria, where fri12guns.vndly robots 12guns.vntertain kids while they eat.

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The problem: at night, the robots behave a bit strangely.Your job,, is khổng lồ watch Freddy & his fri12guns.vnds all night with security cameras. Of course, due to lớn budget issues, only so much electricity can be used every night, and if you run out... Well, you"ll be at the mercy of Freddy.The controls in Five Nights at Freddy"s are very simple.

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You can close the security doors at any time khổng lồ protect yourself, but this will consume a lot of electricity. Likewise, you can move the surveillance camera wh12guns.vnever you want, but this also uses electricity, though not as much.Five Nights at Freddy"s is a scary game that, despite its rather unusual premise, manages lớn give more than a few frights. In this không tính phí version, though, you can only play two nights. But trust us - that"s more than 12guns.vnough for a scare.

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