Required paperwork

If this is your first time working at Boston University, you must complete pre-hire paperwork.

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Form I-9 (Required)

You must complete the electronic Form I-9 prior khổng lồ or on first day of your employment at Boston University. You cannot start working until the I-9 has been completed. You can complete Section 1 of the Form I-9 on the Student Link > Work tab > Form I-9 Compliance.

Once you have completed Section 1, you must present original, unexpired identification documents khổng lồ a representative* so that they can complete Section 2 for you. Federal Regulations prohibit the use of any reproductions of the original documents.

Domestic Students-Document Options

The complete danh sách of identification options can also be viewed here. Some of the most comtháng options for domestic students are:

Option 1: US PassportOption 2: ID and Social Security CardOption 3: ID and Birth Certificate

*Domestic students can present their identification to lớn their supervisor, or they can report khổng lồ the First Point counter at 881 Commonwealth Avenue, 2nd Floor.

International Students-Document Options

For students in F-1 status, your on-campus work permission can be demonstrated by showing your passport, I-đôi mươi, và I-94.

*International students must complete Section 2 of the Form I-9 at the International Students and Scholars Office.


Form W-4 (Recommended)

This tax size mandates how much in taxes Main Payroll should be withholding from each paykiểm tra. Although not required, each student has different financial circumstances that can be reflected in the W-4.

Domestic Students: W-4 information can be updated after you collect your first paykiểm tra.

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Once you’ve been paid at least one time, you can input đầu vào your tax information through the StudentLink under the Work tab, in “Update Tax Information”.

Direct Deposit Authorization (Required)

This authorizes khổng lồ deposit your paycheck directly inlớn your bank account (checking or savings). If you already have direct deposit from working at previously, you vì chưng not need lớn resubmit. If you have never worked for before, you will need to wait until after you receive your first paper paycheck khổng lồ set up this service.

In accordance khổng lồ COVID-19 guidelines, all payments will be mailed until the authorization of direct deposit.
Additional Required Paperwork for Work-Study

For on-campus Work-Study positions:

For off-campus Work-Study positions:

If you are returning lớn the same Work-Study job for the following year, you may be part of the Automatic Rehire process. No paperwork is required.

Student Employment welcomes you onto campus! Staff will be available to assist you at the First Point counter at 881 Commonwealth Ave sầu, 2nd floor from Monday through Friday from 9:00AM – 5:00PM (EST). You can also reach us via tin nhắn at seo or by phone at 617.353.3594.
Have sầu a fantastic academic year! Stay safe & stiông xã to lớn the continued university COVID policies!


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