Fix error: you need to format the disk in drive before you can use it

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While attempting lớn format a USB flash drive sầu, moving some files, or renaming the truyền thông files, you may come across You vì chưng not have sufficient rights lớn perkhung this operation error. The error can occur due khổng lồ several reasons, and most of the time can be resolved by making some changes to file properties và security. At times, the user may also require khổng lồ take ownership of the file to fix the issue.

Users shared their concerns about the problem on the Microsoft Support diễn đàn.

This is the error message I receive sầu when attempting to lớn format a stand-alone backup hard-drive sầu. I am the administrator of the system & it is a drive I have sầu formatted & used before, mind you. I did recently have sầu to unplug the drive sầu without being able to lớn go through the process of “safely removing hardware.” Any ideas?

Learn how to lớn fix this with the instructions we provided below.

Why I don’t have sầu sufficient right to format my USB flash drive?

1. Enable Admin Account

Type cmd in the tìm kiếm bar.In the commvà prompt, type the following commvà & press user administrator /active:yesOnce you see the success message, exit the Command Prompt.

Log off và log on the administrator account and try to rename the tệp tin that was giving you the error.

2. Format the Drive sầu from the Disk Management Tool

In the tìm kiếm bar, type Disk Management & open “Create và format hard disk partition“.In the Disk Management window, right-cliông chồng on your USB flash drive sầu & select Format.

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Chechồng “Perkhung a quichồng format” option và cliông chồng OK.Windows should format the USB drive sầu without any error.

3. Use Command Prompt to lớn Format the Drive

In the Command Prompt window, type the following comm& press enter.Format X:/In the above sầu commvà, replace the X with your USB drive sầu letter. Make sure you enter the right drive letter before pressing enter.

4. Take Ownership of the File or Drive

Right-cliông chồng on the USB Drive or file and select “Properties”.Go lớn the Security tab & cliông chồng on the Advanced button.Click OK và the owner name should have changed to lớn your username.Click on Apply and OK to lớn save sầu the changes.

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Cthua the Properties window và try to Format the drive sầu again. Chechồng for any improvements.