Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error mac/win 10

If you missed saving a tệp tin in Microsoft Word due lớn "Word cannot complete the save sầu due lớn a tệp tin permission error" vì not thua trận your hope yet. This post has some great tips that can come handy in fixing the issues with the Word tệp tin. You should be able to get bachồng the Word tệp tin with the không tính tiền solutions provided in the post. Also find steps to use Remo Word Repair Tool và link for không lấy phí download.

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When you are trying khổng lồ save sầu a tệp tin in Microsoft Word, sometimes, you may encounter an error message saying "Word Cannot complete the save sầu due khổng lồ a tệp tin permission error", especially when the tệp tin is from an external source. The Word cannot complete the save due khổng lồ a tệp tin permission error can occur due lớn several reasons. In the below section, we will briefly know the reasons behind this error message.

Reasons Behind Word File Permission Error

The anti-virut software installed on your computer prevents the tệp tin saving processThe file name is conflicting with the already existed file on your computerThe tệp tin that you want khổng lồ modify or save is from the network shared folderThe file ou want khổng lồ save is previously saved as the "read-only" or as the templateYou don"t have sầu full authority lớn save sầu the file to lớn a location for the current user account

If you face tệp tin permission error when saving Word document, then don’t quit the Word application directly. Instead, try the below given solution to lớn save the file in MS Word.

1. Try to lớn save sầu it again & again, if you get the file permission error when trying khổng lồ save Word document for the first time.

2. Use "Save As" option, instead of "Save". And, save the file to a new location.

3. Cheông xã the drive, where you are trying lớn save the Word file for any permission criteria. If it has, then change its access permissions và then save the tệp tin.

4. Verify whether you are logged in as System Admin or Standard User. Try to lớn login as Admin & save the Word tệp tin.

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5. If you are experiencing cannot save sầu Word document due to lớn file permission error while working on a document, which is located in a network shared thư mục then ensure availability of proper internet.

6. If your computer is running with more than one malware scanning programs then pause all (leaving one) & try to lớn save your document.

Note: Keep any, one trusted antivirut program in your system to lớn reduce the creation of unnecessary problems due to lớn confliction between many AV tools.

7. Copy entire nội dung from your Microsoft Word document that shows tệp tin permission error. Paste it in a new location like new Word tệp tin, WordPad, Notepad etc. Save sầu it to a safe location. Now, try khổng lồ fix your error screening Word file using Microsoft’s built-in repair option i.e. mở cửa & Repair.

If inbuilt repair technique fails to lớn fix your Word tệp tin, then try Remo Repair Word for fixing your corrupted .docx & .doc files.

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Remo Repair khổng lồ Fix File Permission Error in Microsoft Word

The effective Word Repair utility provided by Remo is easy for your corrupted, inaccessible as well as error screening Microsoft Word files. This robust solution can even repair Microsoft Word document that is not opening, showing strange characters instead of actual nội dung, opening as blank tệp tin etc. This is the simple as well as a preeminent option for repairing Word files as it is enough potent khổng lồ address any issues, errors problems of Microsoft Word document, regardless of the source for the glitch. The tool offers a handy interface và capable tech guidance to repair not responding Word file after severe corruption. This clean (malware free) software vì chưng not touch your original Word file! Yes, it just reads the affected tệp tin, replicates it and works on duplicate copy. So, your source tệp tin is intact.