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About The Daily Stoic Podcast

The Daily Stoic Podcast is a daily podcast hosted by #1 Thủ đô New York Times bestselling author Ryan Holiday. Each weekday the podcast features the audio version of our popular Daily Stoic tin nhắn meditations. A short 2-3 minute Stoic inspired meditation designed to help you live your best life.


Two to three times per week we also featured long-from interviews with a variety of guests. Past guests include #1 New York Times bestselling author Tlặng Ferriss, three time Olympian Dominique Dawes, 6X NBA all-star Pau Gasol, former NASCAR champion Danica Patriông xã, HBO star comedian Pete Holmes, sportscaster Michele Tafoya, radio host Charlamagne Tha God, former Navy SEAL Jocko Williên kết, Congressman Dan Crenshaw, and dozens more.

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Lakiểm tra episodes

September 17: Professor Jo Lukikhổng lồ on the Rise of Misinformation

September 14: tác giả Adam Rubin on Creativity & Pursuing Your Passion

September 11: Bobby Hall (Logic) on Turning Pain Into lớn Prosperity

September 9: tác giả Tom Nichols on the Assault on Modern Thinking

September 4: Little Roông chồng Nine Member Ernest Green on Creating an Atmosphere of Change

September 1: Brad Stulberg on the Practice of Groundedness

August 28: Sharon Lebell on Epictetus & Rescuing Philosophy from the Philosophers

August 25: MLB Pitcher Scott Oberg on Overcoming Adversity with Stoicism

August 21: Megan Phelps-Roper on Radicalization & Redemption

August 18: Dr. William Stixrud and Ned Johnson on Building Resilience & Communicating Effectively

August 13: NASCAR Champion Brad Keselowski on Reaching Your Maximum Potential

August 10: Venture Capitadanh mục Brad Feld on How Nietzsbịt Empowers the Entrepreneur

August 7: Journadanh mục Oliver Burkeman on Making the Most of the Time That We Have

August 4: Los Angeles Rams GM Les Snead on Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

July 31: Author Clint Smith and the History We Decide to lớn See

July 28: Chris Bosh on the Pursuit of Greatness

July 24: Journadanh mục Edward-Isaac Dovere on the Soul of America

July 21: tác giả Phillip Barlag on Roman History’s Lessons for Modern Life

July 17: NFL Cornerbaông xã Jeff Okudah on Achieving Greatness

July 14: Dave sầu Asprey on Fasting và Optimizing Your Life

July 10: Brad Stone on the Rise of Amazon & Leading With Empathy

July 7: Paul Skallas on the Lindy Effect & Standing the Test of Time

July 3: Classics Scholar Dr. Anika Prather on Healing the Present by Studying the Past

June 30: Dr. William Stixrud & Ned Johnson on Developing Confidence and Finding Purpose

June 26: Kate Fagan on the Perspective Shifting Reality of Death

June 23: Classics Scholar Shadi Bartsch on What Ancient Texts Reveal About Modern Life

June 19: Malcolm Gladwell on Running, Writing, & Storytelling

June 16: Ultramaradong dỏng Runner Dean Karnazes on the Virtue of Self-Discipline

June 12: Holocaust Survivor Dr. Edith Eger on the Gift of Forgiveness

June 9: A.J. Daulerio on Recovery and Finding Peace With Stoicism

June 5: Luke Burgis on Mimetic Desire và Getting What You Want in Life

June 1: Chris Bosh on Embracing the Process and Staying Present

May 28: Charlie Mackesy on the Creative sầu Process and Finding Enough

May 26: tác giả Candice Millard on the Moments that Define Great Leaders

May 23: Navy SEAL Brandon Webb on Autonomy và Radicalization in America

May 22: Sebastian Junger on the Wonder of Existence và the Complexity of Freedom

May 19: Cal Newport on Knowledge Work and Effective sầu Communication

May 15: Daniel Barkhuff on Restoring the 4 Stoic Virtues to Leadership

May 12: tác giả Nancy Sherman on Building Resilience & Living Well

May 8: Greg McKeown on Doing Less & Getting More

May 5: Jessica Lahey on Self-Efficacy and the Virtue of Temperance

May 1: Classics Scholar Robin Waterfield on Translating Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations - Pt.2

Apr 28: Classics Scholar Robin Waterfield on Translating Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations - Pt.1

Aquảng bá 24: YouTubers Sam and Colby on Fame và Practicing Memenkhổng lồ Mori

Atruyền thông quảng cáo 21: Michael Gervais on the Path lớn Excellence

Aquảng cáo 17: Admiral James Stavridis on James Stockdale & the Voyage of Character

Aquảng bá 14: tác giả Bonnie Tsui on the Wonders of Water

Aquảng bá 10: Charles & Chase Koch on the nguồn of Principles

Aquảng cáo 7: Arthur Brooks on Stoicism vs. Epicureanism

Aquảng bá 3: Lt. General H.R. McMaster on Strategic Empathy và Seneca’s Contradiction

Mar 31: Author Robert Wright on Buddhism vs Stoicism

Mar 27: Agnes Callard on Socrates and Wisdom

Mar 24: Volleyball Legend Gabrielle Reece on Relationships and Finding Enough

Mar 20: Dr. Jonathan Fader on Peak Performance

Mar 17: Guitarist Nita Strauss on Music & Philosophy

Mar 13: Steven Pressfield on Battling Resistance and Winning With Love

Mar 10: Illustrator Victor Juhasz on Marcus Aurelius and The Boy Who Would Be King

Mar 6: Allie Esiri On the Power of Poetry & Daily Reads

Mar 3: Author Ron Lieber on Money & Values

Feb 27: Shopify CEO Tobias Lütke on Building a Better Future

Feb 24: Adam Grant on Ego & Knowledge

Feb 20: Poker World Champion Annie Duke On Choosing the Truth

Feb 16: James Clear On Getting 1% Better Every Day

Feb 12: Tamler Sommers On the Urgency of Honor

Feb 9: Amelia Boone On Excellence và Endurance

Feb 5: Jonathan Church On Terminal Cancer and Making Peace with Fate

Jan 29: James Frey on Turning Chaos Inlớn Success

Jan 26: David Roll on What We Can Learn from General George Marshall

Jan 22: Susan Straight on the Power of Story

Jan 20: Mike Duncan On Using the Past to lớn Guide the Future

Jan 15: Cal Newport On the Art of Time Blocking

Jan 13: Economist Emily Oster On Rationality và Risk

Jan 8: Historian Thomas Ricks on Stoicism and the Founders

Jan 5: Jay Shetty On How lớn Think Like a Monk

Dec 18: The National’s Matt Berninger On Ego, Collaboration, & Slowing Down

Dec 16: UFC Fighter Michelle Waterson On Training the Mind and the Body

Dec 13: Death và the View From Above — An Excerpt From Don Robertson’s “How khổng lồ Think Like a Roman Emperor”

Dec 12: Ramit Sethi On How lớn Live sầu the Rich Life

Dec 9: tác giả Connor Towne O’Neill On the Battle to Shape History

Dec 6: Temporary Madness — An Excerpt From Don Robertson’s “How lớn Think Like a Roman Emperor”

Dec 5: Pop Star Camila Cabello On Stoicism, Creativity và Success

Dec 2: ESPN"s Wright Thompson On What Makes Us Great… And Human

Nov 29: 7 Things The Stoics Can Teach Us In 2020

Nov 28: Tech Investor Joe Lonsdale On How Philosophy Makes You Better at Business

Nov 25: Filmmaker Daniel Lombroso on How To Stay Sane Amidst Radicalization

Nov 22: Rich Roll and Ryan Reflect on Stoicism (Live sầu Talks LA)

Nov 21: Rich Roll - Ultra-Endurance Athlete On How to lớn Be Healthy

Nov 18: Mike Herrera, Punk Rock Stalwart (MxPx, Goldfinger), On 30 Years On và Off the Road

Nov 15: The Leadership Secrets of Marcus Aurelius

Nov 14: Matthew McConaughey On Winning the Role of Life

Nov 11: Converting a Stoicism Skeptic with Novedanh mục Amy Shearn

Nov 8: The Art of Journaling

Nov 7: Tank Sinatra - Meme King on how How Comedy Helps You Live

Nov 4: Megha Rajagopalan On Using History to Underst& Modern Authoritarianism

Nov 1: This Thing Predicts Everything

Oct 31: Edward Ball, Southern Writer, on the Ghosts of Our Collective Past

Oct 28: Jeni Britton Bauer of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams On Running a Business in Moments of Crisis

Oct 27: BONUS: Ryan Talks with Robert Greene On Today’s World

Oct 25: Ryan Discusses Lives of the Stoics at 92nd Street Y

Oct 24: How lớn tỷ lệ thoát Baông chồng - Coach Eric Musselman (University of Arkansas)

Oct 21: Danica Patriông xã - Trailblazing Pro Racer On Pushing Limits Everywhere

Oct 18: Ryan Speaks with Kevin Rose at the Commonwealth Club

Oct 17: Ferkat Jawdat – Fighting Against Chinese Repression

Oct 14: MLB’s Eric Byrne - How lớn Keep Going When Your Body Wants to lớn Quit

Oct 11: Who Is Seneca?

Oct 10: ESPN"s Paul Kix - How Anyone Can Change Everything

Oct 7: Scott Barry Kaufman - How lớn Use Psychology lớn Solve sầu Real-World Problems

Oct 4: It"s the Little Moments That Make the Big Lessons

Oct 3: Ryder Carroll - The Power of Journaling

Sep 30: Ryan & Stephen Hanselman Talk About Their Newest Book, Lives of the Stoics

Sep 27: Epictetus’s Five sầu Most Significant Quotes

Sep 26: Manu Ginóbili - NBA Spurs Legend on the Philosophy of Peak Performance

Sep 23: Nils Parker, Bestselling Writer & Editor Behind Lives of the Stoics, The Obstacle Is the Way & The Daily Stoic

Sep 20: Daily Stoic Sundays: Seven Stoic Ways to lớn Find a Better Life

Sep 19: Guy Raz — “How I Built This” and Solving Our Big Problems

Sep 16: Martellus Bennett - Super Bowl Champion on Finding Success

Sep 13: Daily Stoic Sundays: Five Life-Changing Quotes From Seneca

Sep 12: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan và Lacrosse Legover Paul Rabil On What It Takes to lớn Become the Best

Sep 9: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan and Niki Papadopoulos Go Inside Writing About Stoicism

Sep 6: Daily Stoic Sundays: The Stoic Art of Not Caring

Sep 5: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan and Anne Applebaum Ask How Does a Stoic Resist Tyranny?

Sep 2: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan and Jocko Willink On How khổng lồ Thrive sầu in Challenging Times

Aug 30: Daily Stoic Sundays: 10 of the Most Stoic Moments in History

Aug 29: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan and Mark Manson Discuss What You Should Actually Give sầu a F*** About

Aug 26: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan and Dominique Dawes on Olympic Gold & Pursuing Excellence

Aug 23: Daily Stoic Sundays: 5 Life Changing Quotes from Marcus Aurelius

Aug 22: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan & Robert Greene Discuss the Laws of Human Nature

Aug 19: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan & Angel Parđắm đuối On Why Studying the Classics Is So Important

Aug 16: Daily Stoic Sundays: How khổng lồ Turn Your Trials Into lớn Triumphs

Aug 15: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan và Donald Robertson On the Brilliance và Insights of Marcus Aurelius

Aug 12: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan & Author Rich Cohen On How to lớn Succeed When Everyone’s Against You

Aug 9: Daily Stoic Sundays: The All-New Leatherbound Daily Stoic

Aug 8: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan và Writer S.C. Gwynne Discuss the Great Stories và Leaders of the American Civil War

Aug 5: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan & Sportswriter Kate Fagan Talk About Stoicism in Sports

Aug 2: Daily Stoic Sundays: Ryan Talks Stoicism with the Clevel& Browns

Aug 1: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan and David Epstein Talk Range và Resilience

July 29: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan và Wellness Expert Kimberly Snyder Talk Stillness, Yoga, và the Beauty of Daily Life

July 26: Daily Stoic Sundays: How Seneca Overcame Stress

July 25: Ryan và Comic Pete Holmes Talk Work-Life Balance & Why Joy Matters

July 22: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan & James Romm Talk Seneca, Nero & Dying Every Day

July 18: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan and Dr. Harvey Karp Talk Preparation, Patience, & How khổng lồ Be a Great Parent

July 15: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan và Maria Konnikova Talk Poker, Psychology, and Focusing on What You Can Control

July 12: Daily Stoic Sundays: Find Contentment Where You Are NOW With Stoicism và Stillness

July 11: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan & Congressman Dan Crenshaw Talk Fortitude, Outrage, & How to lớn Be Inspired By History

July 8: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan and Writer David Frum Discuss Political Courage and Standing Up For Your Beliefs

July 5: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan and Billy Bush Discuss the Stoic Reaction to Public Shaming & How to Grow Beyond It

July 4: This Work Must Continue

July 1: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan & E.S. Schubert Talk the Purpose of Monuments & Why Statues Matter

June 27: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan & Jessica Lahey Talk Parenting, the Process of Writing, & How to Fail Gracefully

June 24: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan & Lauryn và Michael Bosstick (The Skinny Confidential) Talk Stoic Morning Routines và How to lớn Manage Your Life in Quarantine

June 20: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan & Brett McKay Talk Parenting, Living Through History, và Modern Manliness

June 17: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan & Ben Hardy Talk Family, Self-Improvement, và How to lớn Take On a Challenge

June 14: Daily Stoic Sundays: It"s Always the Time to Act Bravely

June 13: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan & UT Basketball Coach Shaka Smart Talk Self-Control and Using Your Time Wisely

June 10: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan & tác giả Tom Mueller Talk Whistleblowers, Courage, và Doing the Right Thing

June 7: Daily Stoic Sundays: This Is Why You Have sầu to lớn Care

June 6: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan và Sunday Night Football"s Michele Tafoya Talk Stoicism and Making the Most of Each Day

June 3: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan and Charlamagne tha God Talk Opening Your Mind & Political Power

May 29: Daily Stoic Sundays: How Marcus Aurelius Conquered Stress (và the Rest of Us Can Too)

May 28: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan và Coach George Raveling Talk Meeting Harry Truman, Reading và the Perils of Ego

May 24: Daily Stoic Sundays: You Must Stare This Scary Fact in the Face

May 23: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan và Coach Buzz Williams (Texas A&M) Talk Habits, Time Management & the Lessons You Can Learn from the Pandemic

May 20: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan Talks Freedom & Personal Responsibility with David French

May 17: Daily Stoic Sundays: Ryan Talks with South Carolina Football About How to lớn Practice Stoicism

May 16: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan and Historian Andrew Roberts Talk Leadership, Character & How One Person Can Change The World

May 13: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan và NBA G League Coach Coby Karl Answer Your Questions About Stoicism and Sports

May 7: Daily Stoic Sundays: Life Comes at You Fast. So You Better Be Ready.

May 6: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan và Robert Greene Talk Plagues, Politics, and Polarization

May 3: Daily Stoic Sundays: All You Need Are a Few Small Wins Every Day

May 2: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan Talks Books, Basketball, & Stoicism with NBA Legend Pau Gasol

Apr 26: Daily Stoic Sundays: What Marcus Aurelius Can Teach Frontline Responders During COVID-19

Atruyền thông quảng cáo 25: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan Talks Social Media, Social Distancing, và Stoicism with Rep. Mike Gallagher

April 19: Daily Stoic Sundays: Using Stoicism To Become Unbeatable

April 18: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan & John Brownstein Discuss the Science Behind the Pandemic

April 12: Daily Stoic Sundays: The Important Thing Is to Not Be Afraid

April 11: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan Holiday và Tlặng Ferriss Discuss "Alive sầu Time vs Dead Time"

April 4: Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan Holiday & Chris Guillebeau Discuss Stoicism During COVID-19