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Naruto: The 9 Best Video Games Of The 2010s, Ranked (According To IGN) IGN has scored the Naruto lớn games of the recent decade. Here"s how they order from worst to best.

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best 2010s naruto games ranked
As one of the long-running juggernauts of not just the shonen genre but all of anime itself, it"s no wonder that Naruto has absolutely no shortage of Clip game titles out surrounding it. It"s got unique character designs, fun and flashy moves and a long-running story that"s typically fun to play through even if one"s already been through the arc several times, though some vì chưng feature their own game-original stories as well.

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Not as many titles were released in this decade than the 2000s, but keep in mind that near the latter half of the decade, games began shifting more towards live sầu service. This is seen with Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Strikers, as well as their Smartphone gaphụ thân titles, and many of the bigger titles began scoring lower than in the previous decade.

dragonblade chronicles naruto
Released in 2010, Dragon Blade Chronicles in the Naruto game series is chất lượng in that it"s a hack-and-slash with a loosely-focused plot in place of the fighting và RPG-style games fans are accustomed lớn. While trying new styles isn"t a bad thing in itself, it received low Review scores across the board, with some bạn scores dipping inkhổng lồ the three-out-of-ten range.

It"s also criticized for re-using models from the Clash of Ninja series despite being a completely separate entry. There are also only two playable characters, Naruto and Sasuke, paling in comparison to lớn the typical ten-to-twenty-plus character rosters fans have sầu come to lớn expect.

ult ninja storm 4 naruto
Some of the Ultimate Nin-Ja Storm titles are highly beloved by both critics and fans, but sadly, Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 doesn"t quite compare. It was released in 2016, và while it adds a new feature of swapping one"s leader và tư vấn characters, it"s not enough lớn biến hóa for the title"s shortcomings. The combat itself is cited to lớn be quite good, but for a fighting game that suffers from poor quality of online connectivity, its AI system doesn"t offer enough khổng lồ keep players engaged.

ult ninja heroes 3 naruto
Naruto lớn Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 released in America in 2010 for the Playstation Portable. It"s noted to be jam-packed with unlockables và a staggering forty-five character roster, but it"s another entry that doesn"t manage to impress in the gameplay department. It leaves fans feeling limited compared khổng lồ many other entries already out at the time, & is noted khổng lồ laông xã the true fun feeling of a Naruto game.

6 Narukhổng lồ Shippuden: Kizuna Drive sầu For The Playstation Portable (7)

kizumãng cầu drive sầu naruto
Kizumãng cầu Drive is the fourth installment of the Uzumaki Chronicles line of games và was released in July of 2010. It features a new system of being able to lớn fight alongside three AI-controlled allies rather than just being a one-on-one.

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There are various challenges for players to complete, và graphics have sầu been drastically improved from previous entries in the Chronicles series. The game boasts its own original story & it sits at a respectable 7/10.

Ultimate Nin-Ja Impact is the final entry for the series released on the Playstation Portable in 2011, which was beginning to get phased out at the time. It has a decently long story mode, spanning all the way from the Kazekage Rescue Mission arc to the Five sầu Kage Summit, with a similar gameplay style lớn the Dynasty Warriors series.

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There are twenty-three playable characters total, though eight of those are comprised of various forms for Narukhổng lồ and Sasuke. It boasts over one-hundred unique battles và three-hundred character cards lớn collect while playing, so it doesn"t suffer from any shortage of content.

4 Narulớn SD Powerful Shippuden For The Nintenvị 3DS (8)

Powerful Shippuden is a side-scrolling action-adventure game based off of the Roông chồng Lee Ninja Chronicles anime spin-off. It"s one of two games for the entire franchise to lớn ever release for the Nintenvì 3DS, & it was received quite well.

Narulớn và Rochồng Lee are the only playable characters, but each have their own unique storylines khổng lồ go through, & the combat is flashy & fun. Its storyline is surprisingly long as well, covering fights all the way up to lớn the Five Kage Summit arc.

Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, the sequel khổng lồ the original Ultimate Ninja Storm, was released for the Playstation 3 và Xbox 360 in late 2012. It was well-received khổng lồ the point where it was later re-released not once, but twice, first for the Playstation 4 và Xbox One, and one final time for the Switch.

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The character roster is packed with a whopping forty-two available choices, & players are given a choice of twenty-three different stages lớn play on as well. The game also features a free-roaming system that allows players lớn explore Konohagakure as well as Amegakure và Sunagakure.

2 Narulớn Shippuden: Ultimate Nin-Ja Storm Generations For The Playstation 3 And Xbox 360 (8.5)

Ultimate Nin-Ja Storm Generations is one of the highest-rated Naruto games of all time, and was released in both Japan & America in early 2012. Its story mode is incredibly long, covering everything from the series" prologue all the way to lớn the Five Kage Summit arc, even including cutscenes from the countdown khổng lồ the war.

It carries over staple elements from previous entries while smoothing out certain things for smoother gameplay, as well as adding a multitude of new features. It also features many anime-based cutscenes during its story mode developed by Studio Pierrot, done so well that it later became available as a sixty-minute OVA.

Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 originally released for the Playstation 3 và Xbox 360 in March of 2013 to critically-acclaimed success. It received enhanced re-releases twice, first for the PC & later bundled with an enhanced edition of the entire Ultimate Ninja Storm series.

Alongside the typical character awakening modes that fans have grown used lớn, this entry features the ability lớn enter awakening mode at any time, including the very start of a battle in return for a nerf to their chakra pool. The war was still ongoing in the story when it released, meaning the game also features its own non-canon story ending.