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You can use the Windows 10 ISO khổng lồ install or reinstall Windows 10, the latest version of Windows OS.

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You may want to lớn know how lớn download Windows 10 for miễn phí. It is actually quite simple. Computers used khổng lồ be packaged with a Windows CD or, at least, a hidden partition allowing you to lớn reinstall or update your system. Now, Microsoft allows you to lớn tải về the ISO image of your system for miễn phí, which notably allows you khổng lồ create a bootable USB of Windows 10, download Windows 10, và then finally install Windows. The above sầu direct link is the Windows 10 ISO download 64-bit.


Before You Download the ISO Image

It is strongly recommended that you only use official downloads of the disc image và avoid third-buổi tiệc ngọt downloads coming from peer-to-peer sources (torrents, etc.). This is because the tải về may be contaminated or contain the wrong Windows version.

Microsoft allows you lớn tải về the ISO image of the lakiểm tra Windows 10 version in 32- or 64-bits directly from its servers. To do so, you need lớn have a valid license key for the software.

How lớn Download Windows 10 ISO Image

Click on the above tải về links, or go to the Windows 10 ISO direct download link on the dedicated Download Windows 10 Disc Image (ISO File) page khổng lồ tải về windows 10 ISO.

You will need to choose the 64-bit or 32bit tải về. The page should automatically detect your language and give you the appropriate download links.

Note: these links are only valid for 24 hours and will expire afterwards. You can request a new liên kết if your links expires.

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Manually Download Windows 10 ISO Image

You can force the manual download page by masking the system that your navigator is operating on.

To bởi this on Google Chrome, press > + <Maj> + <i>, followed by <Ctrl> + <Maj> + <M>.On Mozilla Firefox, press <Ctrl> + <Maj> + <M> và select a thiết bị di động application.

Once on the page, select the edition and the language, then confirm each choice:

The page should, then, give sầu you access khổng lồ the downloads for the Windows 10 ISO image in 64-bit & 32-bit in English.

Can I Download Windows 10 For Free?

Yes, you can tải về Windows 10 ISO for free. The ISO tệp tin is essentially a không tính tiền Windows 10 download. When you download this, you will be able to lớn install Windows 10 Home, or Windows 10 Pro. If you want khổng lồ know which is the best version, have sầu a look at this guide: Windows 10 Home vs Pro

Note: You can choose khổng lồ fully activate your Microsoft Windows 10 Download at a later date by entering a hàng hóa key.

Windows 10 ISO File Direct Links

It isn"t possible khổng lồ attach a direct link here for the English Windows 10 ISO files as you need to manually select the edition và language on the Windows 10 ISO webpage.