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System requirements:

– Multi-core processorsAnd 64-bit architecture

-۶۴-bit version of Microsoft Windows 7 SP1, Windows, or Windows 10

-۸ GB RAM (16 GB recommended)

– ۸ GB miễn phí hard disk space for installation. During the installation requires additional clearance

– Display with a resolution of 1280×800

– Sound card compatible with ASIO protocol or Microsoft Windows Driver Model

– Optional: Adobe certified graphics for hardware acceleration

– to gain access to the website requires an mạng internet connection và registration

Description:Adobe Premiere Pro – a highly customizable powerful editor for mengeditnon-linear, và that can streamline the clip as you want. .

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Import and free association of clip clips captured with the di động phone, to lớn 5K raw, followed by the installation,

Which vì not need transcoding a fast đoạn clip processing and Adobe Premiere Pro CC Make – the ideal tool for professional editors.

Now includes a variety of new features, including an integrated color correction and AdobeSpeedgrade CC 2015msaada expands the original structure,

Pemasanganbahan advanced features of several cameras, & so on.D. Adobe Premiere Pro CC is part of the Creative Cloud.

Therefore, users receive the latest updates và access to a new version is available from the date of their issue.

Improve your skills & master the new tools thanks to lớn the large and growing collection of teaching videos.

Through a partnership with Behance can be from theAll over the world through their work of designers with other users nakupokea instant feedback sharing projects.

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List of changes


– Distribution of the original in the size of a good old Installer processes components và interface language.

– In the resulting distribution is not Creative Cloud service installer, make the initial distribution is enabled.

– The number of original installation files is replaced with patched (hack painter).

-The distribution is integrated into the plug, spyware kuzuiaufungaji should update 14 lớn update to Adobe Application Manager.

– In the Crack folder in the image is a series of detailed instructions for alatdanAdobe Premiere Pro CC register

– Added with the installation menu similar to lớn the box version. Created in the image các mục for Adobe Premiere Pro CS4.


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