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Camtasia lets you record a đoạn phim of what’s on your computer screen. Use it lớn make lessons, tutorials, or hàng hóa demos. Turn your screen recordings into lớn compelling videos with Camtasia’s video clip editing tools, animations, & effects.

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Create computer oriented, instructional và training based videos quickly and easily with this awesome Windows đoạn phim tool.I create training materials all the time. Part of what I vày for my day job occasionally requires me to lớn train over users in some kind of computer based process or procedure. It doesn"t happen all that often, but when it does, I"m glad I have tools lượt thích Camtasia Studio. It’s a screencast tool for Windows.

Creating a great screencast happens in three simple steps:Record,Edit andShare.

Camtasia Studio’s flexible recording options allow you lớn capture a full screen or a window or region. You can add in music tracks, a spoken, vocal traông chồng, or your computer"s audio. You can also include picture-in-picture video with your website camera. If you"re using PowerPoint to lớn give a presentation that you want to lớn record for use by invitees who couldn"t attkết thúc the initial presentation, Camtasia"s toolbar inside PowerPoint makes it easy khổng lồ record your presentations, either live sầu or from your desk. TechSmith"s exclusive sầu SmartFocus công nghệ keeps track of where the action happens on your computer screen during your recording. It then produces a đoạn Clip that zooms in on the parts you need to lớn show.

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Once you have sầu your content recorded, Camtasia Studio allows you to lớn spruce it up. You can easily create callouts by adding a graphic over your Clip khổng lồ direct the attention of your viewers. You can also liên kết to lớn an external webpage or jump lớn a part of the Clip. If you"re stuông xã for the right graphic to lớn use, Camtasia Studio comes stocked with professionally-designed assets you can drag-and-drop into lớn your Clip. You can also the store your callouts, title slides, & other assets for re-use và sharing later.

After you have your screencast created, the final step is sharing it with your audience. You can chia sẻ lớn YouTube &, TechSmith"s đoạn Clip hosting service. You can also produce videos in a variety of formats including, MP4, FLV/SWF, M4V, AVI, WMV, MOV, RM, Animated GIF và MP3 (for audio only).Pros: Easy to use & export nội dung, SmartFocus, included graphic assets

Cons: Fluid đoạn phim will require a decent amount of RAM & a modern processor, Clip conversion or rendering may make your PC processor-bound until the process completes.

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Conclusion: TechSmith"s Camtasia Studio is a must have if you do any kind of presentations or training that you want lớn quickly & easily repeat on demand. The phầm mềm & its included tools are easy lớn use & make the whole process fun.