Kpa là gì? đổi kpa sang kg/cm2, kn/m2,bar, psi

Pneumatic Bursting Strength Tester with TestWise™ software and a range of bursting strength & fatigue tests suitable for knitted textiles, medical textiles, non-wovens, paper and plastics.

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Developed by our sister company, James Heal.


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TestWise Touch™

Our designers work closely with our customers và our textile technologists in a working laboratory lớn produce an intuitive touchscreen interface khổng lồ make the Martindale easy to lớn control.

The familiar feel of a touchscreen similar to devices used in everyday life makes the different features easy lớn access, navigation quiông xã và simple, ensuring operators become experts instantly.

About TestWise Touch


Easily accessible settingsJog function & variable speed controlIndividual station counters and "hold" function


Select required number of stationsIncreased test efficiency và cost reductionWork with a language you understand


TruBurst Pneumatic Bursting Strength Tester with TestWise™ software và a range of bursting strength and fatigue tests suitable for knitted textiles (including elastane), medical textiles, non-wovens, paper và plastics.

Variety of applications

Test a variety of materials including textiles, nonwovens, plastic bags, food packaging, tissues, tin foil and medical products.A specimen is clamped over a diaphragm which is expanded khổng lồ the pointof rupture, or where the dome is filled. TruBurst can thử nghiệm bursting strength to lớn a maximum of 1000kPa when 10 bar of pressure is supplied và, withTestWisePro, perform cyclic testing for fatigue evaluation.

TextilesTraditional knitted products:e.g., T-Shirts, casual/sportswear with and without Lycra.Woven.Nonwoven:e.g., wet wipes, cleaning clothes such as J-Cloths.Medical suppliesNonwovens - knee/elbow supports.Wound dressings.Suture strength.Hernia patches.Organ patches.Animal skin.Blister packs.Mosquito nets for WHO (World Health Organisation) Technical textiles: e.g., surgical gowns/masks.PlasticsFood packaging.Bin liners.Sacks & various plastic products.Vacuum packaging.Paper and other materialsLightweight paper.Tin foil.


Non-contact laser distension measurement for accuracy & repeatability of kiểm tra results.

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Five sầu interchangeable domes

With software tự động hóa recognition of the dome kích thước. Dome and diaphragm changing is tool-không lấy phí for faster testing và less downtime.

Pre-programmed standards testing

The TruBurst is a software-controlled instrument, using TestWise cảm biến or Pro, và developed with programmed demo routines to lớn address a wide range of international và proprietary standards, including:

Product brochures

TruBurst - James Heal sales toolkit (PDF)
Conditioned atmosphere recommended



Bench standing


63.3centimet (height)40.0centimet (width)52.6cm (depth)

Approximate net weight

47kg + 2.3kg = 69.3kilogam (including largest dome assembly)

PowerSingle phase


Rating per phase (A)




Power nguồn và air supply (compressor optional)Single phase


Rating per phase (A)




Compressed airPressure

10 bar (maximum)



Pressure rangeUpper pressure limit

1000kPa / 145pmê say / 10.20kg/cmét vuông / 10bar / 1000kN/m2


0.2 kPa / 0.04pđắm đuối / 0.002kg/cm2 / 0.002bar / 0.2kN/m2

Distension rangeMinimum

0.1 mm/ 0.01cm/ 0.004in


70.0 mm/ 7.0cm/ 2.756in


0.1 mm/ 0.01cm/ 0.004in

TestWise™ softwareComplex user-designed tests can be set-up:Burst, Cyclic, Rapid fatigue and Extension và Recovery. Data can also be viewed live và exported lớn Excel.Automatic flow controlSubstantial time-savings - increased accuracy,consistency & reliability of the results.Laser distension measurementNon-liên hệ laser distension measurement ensures pin point accuracy and excellent repeatability of test results.Tool-không lấy phí dome changeFive sầu interchangeable domes. Automatic recognition of dome size. Tool không lấy phí dome change lớn accelerate testing and minimise downtime.Diaphragm correction -Software prompts the user to lớn vị a diaphragmcorrection after testing.Automatic time lớn burstISO 13938-2 và similar standards - a warning message will be displayed if the specimen does not burst within the specified time.